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Ben Rides His Bike!

Finally!  Ben (will be 9 in 2 months) got fired up to learn to ride his bike (actually Connor's old bike).  Dad runs along side him for the morning session, holding it by the handle, but not needing to help hardly at all.  Then after lunch, another session, and now he's riding solo!

Funny - he was talking about Yosemite (from the point of view of biking) while I was running around next to him on the bike.

We even went around the little block after a while!

Way to go Baby B!


TV Shows They're Into These Days

We still watch Survivor religiously (meaning we watch every episode, eventually - although way behind real-time).  Daddy has never missed an episode in the 20-something seasons it's played.

They're recently into some older shows:

  • Batman (the older original ones.  POW, BANG, etc)
  • Curious George (Ben still likes to catch up on CG with some chocolate milk if he has a say in it)
  • Brady Brunch
  • Phineas and Phurb
  • Ben into James Bond movies lately


Ben has been doing this for a LONG time now, and we think it's so dang cute.

He goes up to brush teeth, and then when he's "ready", he stands at the top of the stairs and yells down:

"Veady" (still kind of throws a V in when he says an R, depending on the word)
"Are you both coming up?"

Cute boy.


Ben's Epic Day v2

Last time Ben and Daddy were solo, he had an epic day.  Today was v2.

Jamie and Avery are in OC watching a water polo tourney (Stanford and Maggie Steffens are there, Avery dying to see it, take a picture with her).   Connor in Fallbrook at MP/Ya Ya's for hoops tourney tomorrow, and Ben and Dan are at home for hoops, soccer, and hoops tomorrow.

Today's Schedule

  • Basketball practice.  Tolerated it, as it's the last one of the season.
  • Home Depot - kids craft.  Built a wood fire truck.
  • Einstein Bagels - chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese (Daddy got one too, but with butter)
  • Arena Soccer at the Y - Hayden's first time playing with the team, and they score with 15 seconds left to break the tie and win!
  • Hayden, Peter Rubin, Emily Nelson come up to the house and play most of the afternoon.
  • Soup Plantation
  • Star Trek: Next Generation, episode 1 on NetFlix
Whew - is there anything else that you'd rather be doing? 


Star Trek

Jamie got Ben hooked on Star Trek this week.  Watched the movie (which one?).

Later in the week, Ben was reading with Ya Ya for a long time, then finally headed to bed.  As he was walking up the stairs he says:

Live Long and Prosper Grandma...


Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls

Pretty soon we'll have to be making sure Avery's on board with these thoughts.

Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls | Kate Conner