Carlsbad HS JV Volleyball

Connor was moved up to JV after the first week of volleyball on Freshman / Novice team.
Not expecting to play much, still pretty raw skills, but getting tons of experience in everyday practice. Generally working on setting, running both 5-1 and 6-2 systems for the 2nd team in practice.

Match results

  • Mission Hills.  Lost 1-2.  This is before Connor joined the team, not that that is the reason, just a comment on timing.  :)
  • LCC.  Won 2-0.  Connor did not play, but team looked pretty good. 
  • Torrey Pines. Won 2-0.  Again did not play, but team looked good.  Nice ball control and hitting.


Sports Update


Genuine volleyball club team. Coach Becca.
Michaela (OH), Whitley (S), Mia (S), Madie (S), Gaby (OH), Sami (MB), Kelly (MB), Ashley (L, not her friend from high school), Kathleen (L), Helena (OH)
3rd of 3 qualifier tournaments this past weekend, gold division, seeded 4th in the 4 team pool.  3 way tie for 2nd with them all at 1-2.  They got 2nd by game record tie-breaker.  They'll play in division 2 (all the other 2nd place teams) in the GOLD division for the rest of the season tournaments.
Tried out for setter, and coach liked her enough to find me on day 1 of the tryout and say she wants her, probably run a 6-2.  Then they have 3 other setters (including Madie from HS team), and no good middles, so Avery is playing MB (and training at practice as a setter).

Dabbling in beach volleyball on the off days from indoor practice.
Playing at Red's beach in downtown Carlsbad with the crew from Carlsbad HS team, Bob Sommers, etc.


Trying out for Carlsbad HS Boys' Volleyball team.
Tryouts started yesterday (Monday), and first round of cuts are tomorrow morning (list posted at school) before school.  27 boys there today for freshman/novice team.
Sounds like it's going pretty well.

Example athletics schedule today:

  • Weights before aquatics
  • Aquatics PE (period 2)
  • PE (period 6), volleyball chapter in the class
  • Volleyball tryouts 3-5pm.


Focused on Water Polo these days.  Finished up the first season of tournaments, playing 12U white (2nd squad).  Frustrated with the number of boys (6?) that doggie paddle their way through the games.  Not surprising, since they do the same at practices.
Scored a few goals during the season:  1st one of career from near half pool, turn and score at hole set, and another lob shot over the goalie.


Talk to the Hand

Ben switched it up the other day:

Talk to the booty cuz the hand's off duty.


Ben Polo - first goal of career

Ben was playing water polo splash ball for the last couple seasons. It's just for 10 and under's to get familiar with polo, the ball, swimming, etc.

Now (age 10) he's joined the Carlsbad polo club team and playing on 12U white 2.  Played in firest couple tournaments in January, and started getting bummed that he hasn't scored a goal yet.

Dan took him to tournament in OC at Costa Mesa.  Grandma/pa Hanan were there to watch as well.

Other team scored, so we were starting the ball at half pool. Pass back to teammate, and over to Ben at the side of the pool, "3 strokes in from half" as he recalls.  Draws a foul, and (with his free pass) lobs a shot up from near mid-pool and over the goalie to the opposite left/back corner.  YA BABY!

Next tournament (the next weekend), he scored from 2m hole set.


Game Results

Avery - volleyball

Torrey Pines.  17-15 in the 3rd.
Avery scooped ball out of the net to keep rally alive at 16-16.
Varsity and JV watching, cheering. Tunnel after the game.
(Only played them once, at their place, since they're not in our league)

Vista.  Crushed them.
Avery served 19 straight.  Mix of jump floats and spin jumps.
Set the second game.  Served a handful more.

LCC - beat them in 2 at our place (lost to them at their place)
Played great, good team result.
Pat Powers came to watch (recruiting for his club) and was impressed with Avery play.
With that win, Carlsbad and LCC tied for the league title at 11-1

Connor - polo


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Ben Rides His Bike!

Finally!  Ben (will be 9 in 2 months) got fired up to learn to ride his bike (actually Connor's old bike).  Dad runs along side him for the morning session, holding it by the handle, but not needing to help hardly at all.  Then after lunch, another session, and now he's riding solo!

Funny - he was talking about Yosemite (from the point of view of biking) while I was running around next to him on the bike.

We even went around the little block after a while!

Way to go Baby B!